IndiaFest Milwaukee is milwaukee's unique festival showcasing cultural diversity of india

Do you like serving? Are you devoted to community? Do you like be involved in activities that brings societies together? Do you want to get a feeling of fulfillment by doing something for someone without an expectation? All of these will be served by joining hand with us.

Welcome to Spindle India's flagship service  

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It all started with a simple urge of "let's do something"...that urge has led us to believe that Milwaukee has the resources, potential & capability to bring bigger things to it's people. We are built on people, by the people, for the people. Dedication, Drive, Discipline and Determination is our motto. Accountability, Integrity and Collaboration is our principles. With your support & help, together we will continue to bring unique services to the people of broader Milwaukee area.

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 What Is​ In It For You?

 What Is IndiaFest Milwaukee?

IndiaFest Milwaukee is Milwaukee's unique festival showcasing diversity of Indian Culture. It takes entertainment and cultural events into a new plane. You will dance with us, swing with us. You will enjoy the flavors and aromas of Indian food - all served to you by the best providers from Milwaukee & surrounding areas. Join us...

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